Friday, July 1, 2016

Read? Yes, Read - But....

I've been reading 
too much lately -
I think
not enough
of the right thing
or maybe just
not enough
for the right reason

not enough 
with You

I am just escaping (am I?)
filling my emptiness
with more emptiness
and hoping to be filled
hoping to find life 
in the words and phrases
there is no life here
without You
Only You 
can fill me. 

You do not say not to read.  

Read - yes.
but read
looking for You

in the words
in the story

expecting You
to speak

or about 
what I read
discussing it all with You
(our own little book club)

yes, read.
but read
with You.

Linking up with Velvet Ashes at The Grove where the theme this week is "Read"

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  1. Michele, this is a great perspective. Thanks

  2. Michele, I have to admit I did not post on your latest poem. Not because I did not like it but this one spoke louder to me. I am sure it's because I am never with out a book. I have a kindle which I put my novels on because I like the paper one to write on. Oh, I know I can underline in my kindle but I do a little more then underline. We travel a lot for our ministry so I save my novels for the road. It's in this area I must watch myself because so much out there is just TV, too much for my Godly mine. I want to write the author and say, hey could you write that one over and leave out the RR rated stuff, kind of like a good TV show. God has spoken to me through novels before, words that are strung together that touch the heart and makes me go...well, I must write that down and use. I am not a poet...but so glad you are and I appreciate how you lead your poems back to the Lord. He is Worthy.

    1. Betty - I'm glad you commented on THIS one since it's the one that spoke more to you....I am an avid reader, too. I always have several books I am reading at one time (in different categories, though). And I also mark up my books. While I love kindle because it's more convenient for traveling (and saves shelf space), I really do prefer to hold a real book in my hand and be able to mark in it.

      You're so right that there's so much junk out there - and unfortunately sometimes it's mixed in with some good stuff - that's why it's so important for me to read WITH GOD - to discern when the good stuff is worth digging for, and when it's just not worth wading through the bad. But even with that if I'm letting God speak to me through it and about it then I learn something.

      I used to think if I started a book I had to finish it. I've kind of gotten past that now. Some books aren't worth finishing, and some are worth it BUT not for me at this time - ie, great stuff but not what I need at the moment. It's easier for me to feel the freedom to put a book down when I am evaluating it together with the Lord. When I'm not sure about it I try to step back at about 15 or 25 percent and ask Him about it, if this is something I need right now (or at all.) (Sometimes it's obvious, but not always.)