Thursday, March 31, 2016

What If?

At the Old Fortress in Tomsk (Siberia)
What if
I believed
only Your opinion 

What if
I stopped standing
and went in?

What if
I pushed my way 
through the crowd
so I could touch You?

What if
I reached out
and touched 
Your garment's hem?

What if 
I didn't flinch
when You reach out 
to touch me?

What if
I didn't 
back away 
from Your will?

What if 
I didn't mind
the crowd, 
or the closeness?

What if
I longed
to love my neighbor 
as myself?

What if 
I really counted 
it all joy
that I can follow?

What if
I seized 
with eagerness
the cup You're holding out?

What if
I drank it down, 
no hesitation, 
in one draught?

What if 
I learned
what it means
to love the Lord my God?

Linking up with Velvet Ashes at The Grove where the theme this week is "What If?"

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  1. I see there's more good stuff for next month's roundup ;)

    1. Awww, thanks, Elizabeth!

      Like I said earlier, you're amazing...even your roundup every month - I'm going to message you for some pointers on how you keep up and manage to be so prolific with everything else you have going on.

  2. This is beautiful, Michele! I loved the tie to the woman who reached out in faith and touched the hem of Jesus' robe. How many "what if" questions must have filled her mind! Yet she acted, and she is an example to us. Jesus stopped, He really saw her, and that is what He does for us too.

    1. I feel a connection to her, Sarah, maybe partly because for a while I WAS her in a way, I had "an issue of blood" which I ended up having surgery for - so of course I couldn't relate in some way, since we don't have the "unclean" stigma these days, but still I felt like I identified a little with her in her infirmity and in that it really does keep you from being able to do a lot of ordinary things - and I admire her courage to reach out to Him in spite of all the "what-ifs" that could have happened.(And that's why she often shows up in my poems and songs). Of course, the what if of reaching out to Him is a pretty good thing to bet on - but she couldn't be sure of that...and He really did see her and know her and love her -like He does US...and just as an aside here, I can't wait to talk to her one day and hear more of her story - find out what happened before, and what happened next, you know?

  3. Love these thoughts. Pondering them today. Our church has been studying through Mark. LOVE your posts. Ps. If it looks like rachaeL wrote this, it's because I can't figure out how to sign her out.

    1. Hi, Rebekah! :-) You don't look like Rachael, you look like you, so you must have figured it out or else it just looked like she was signed in.
      I love Mark - (I assume you've seen my Mark posts, or my Mark series? - this one isn't actually in the series, and yet it still has Mark all over it, because, of course, that's what I'm reading right now!) - I wish I could post on Mark more than once a week (like twice a week or so?) partly because at this rate Joey says it's going to take me eight more years to go through the whole book. least right now I feel like I can't post on it more often and actually do the praying/contemplating on it that I love to do...but maybe when the kids are in college...we'll see.

      Would love to hear some of your thoughts on Mark as your church goes through it...

  4. Michele, what if you don't link up some week :)?!

    I'm kidding.

    I love reading through these comments and seeing how you are blessing many -- including me!

    1. Amy, what if I'm addicted to the link-up! Ha Ha!

      I actually didn't think I would be linking up this week, and then all of a sudden I was. :-)

  5. Michele, Thank you for these gorgeous word pictures that paint Christ's love and the questions we face as his followers in such a beautiful way. I'm thankful for your gift of poetry. It brings me to the throne.

    1. Thank you, Leslie! I'm so glad we've been able to share thoughts, His love, and a little bit of our journeys.

  6. Love your words, Michele. "What if I really counted it all joy" resonated with me most. Counting is feels like something practical I can try to do instead of being carried away by all the emotions like I have the last couple of months. Thank you so much for sharing in such a beautiful way!

    1. Hi, Dorette! I didn't think about "counting" being practical - but it is (especially if you think about counting being usually done with numbers) I can count things, it becomes do-able - although - counting it joy - is a bit harder because it's more abstract - but maybe if we start with it like a number thing (count off the difficulties and proclaim them "joys" ) the exercise or discipline - will begin to overtake the emotions and harness them (not dispense with them)....hmm...I'm going to be thinking about the way you put that...