Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pieces of Siberia in Atlanta

Atlanta Snow: Pieces of Siberia brokenbreadandsmallfish.com
I dropped Joey off at the airport yesterday morning, bound for three weeks in Russia.  The kids and I remain here preparing for SAT and ACT.  We feel a little jealous  - he will see our home, our old friends, our cat, our adopted country, snow.

I wrote the above paragraph yesterday, as I began the post to explain why there wouldn't be a new Mark post this week.  (btw - no new Mark post this week).  I didn't finish it (not the Mark post  - I didn't finish THAT, either -, but the post explaining that there was no Mark post).  I walked away to deal with a situation, and never came back. Let's just say that Yesterday was a disaster on many levels.   Or at least, I thought it was.  

today it's snowing.  Really snowing, like all day kind of snowing.  In Atlanta.  Not unheard of, but not a common occurrence, either. 

And so...
I wrote this poem:

Little pieces of Siberia 
float around me
shiny slivers

Around me
over me

You rain it down

these tiny pieces
of what I thought I knew
what I can never yet know fully

and my senses are filled up
with what I was missing so desperately
filled up
with a world
I thought was so far off
I couldn't see, smell, hear, feel, touch


here it is
pieces of it
all around   

   all the pieces 
     of my life
     are in You

and I
am Yours.

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  1. He is so sweet to us!!! To give a love gift like snow when we least expect it. So grateful He knows us and what we need right on time.

    1. It was a sweet gift - He didn't have to, it wasn't huge, and yet - it was huge, for us.

  2. What an awesome thing to think that God saw and knows your heart and your desires.

    1. Yes, it was like He was saying, "I know" and "I hold Siberia - and all your worlds - in my hands"

  3. What a precious gift!! Love the little reminders that show us His great love for us

    1. Did you notice, Jenilee, that you and I both wrote about "pieces"? I connected your pieces and mine over in my comment on your site...but just wanted to say here that He knows about all those pieces - and He cares about them and holds them and for me, yes, He was reminding me "all is well, you feel scattered, but all the pieces of Your life and heart are in me". And THAT was an expression of His love for me that day...and part of healing...

  4. God knows us so intimately and gifts us with just what we uniquely need at a time we need reminders of how known we are-like snow in Atlanta;-) Love your depiction of His hesed.

  5. Yes, He DOES, Leslie! And I know that, and yet it still startles me when He does it!

  6. Beautiful poem. I could literally feel your longing for that other place.