Friday, June 12, 2015

Ode to My Suitcase

reliable and roomy
for travelers like me

and I should love you 

I hate you

swallowing my things
to vomit them back up 

standing there
by the door that I don't want to go through
waiting for me to feed you
reminder of
my pain
at being torn away

mocking my indecision
about what to take 
my inability to see straight
on such a straight-forward task
I just can't


I will hate you
until we are half way
over an ocean 
of distance and loss
until the miles of separation 
taking me away
begin to become miles of 
drawing near
to another place
until I am able
to start looking forward
and not just back...


I see you
with joy
with relief
tumbling out

starting around

on the endless path
the pointless, 
never ending 
vain meandering 
waiting, helpless
to escape the circle
until a hand 
rescues you
firmly grasps
lifting you up

bringing you


In You 
are all my goodbyes
in You are 
all my hellos 

and though I can't love You at first
as we go
I learn that You are not my enemy
and as I watch for You at last
You are redeeming me

and I love You
You know I do

I watch for You
You wait for me.

Linking up with Velvet Ashes at The Grove where the theme this week is "Suitcase"

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