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You Don't Pour New Wine into Old Wineskins - Mark 2:18-22 Post 4

Chalkboard: Mark 2:18-22 Post 4
The new replaces the old - it doesn't patch it (Mark 2:21-22)
Yet here I am, trying to sew this new patch on an old garment again
and trying to pour new wine into this old wineskin
too afraid to let go of the old
too afraid to walk away from my booth (Mark 2:14)
still trying to fix things my way
too scared to get up and follow You (Mark 1:18, 2:14)

Like John's disciples - they know they need to repent (Mark 1:4), and they repent, 
and they keep on repenting 
as if afraid to believe You've really come (Mark 1:9)
still trying to gain what You're holding out as a gift, 
still mourning when the new wine is being poured
still trying to put it in that same old skin


Like the Pharisees - preferring to think
I can do it in my own strength
cover myself with my own righteousness (Rom. 3:10) but
even Adam and Eve could not make adequate coverings for themselves (Gen. 3:7)
You covered them (Gen. 3:21)
You want to cover me now...(Phil. 3:9),(Gal 3:27)(Is. 61:10)

...While I desperately seek the right formula
find the right number of times to bow
the right things to refrain from eating
the right day to fast on
the right piece of cloth to patch the holes in this garment of mine
the right skin for Your new wine.

But my garment cannot be patched
and my skin cannot contain Your new wine
and my old wine has turned to vinegar long ago (Gen. 3:23)
my hands fall at my side in despair
none of my trying
none of my striving
none of my tears
get me anywhere.

You said, "Come, follow me"  (Mark 1:17)(Mark 2:14)
 - And if I could just get up and follow
following You would lead me to this banquet (Mark 2:15)
Your eyes telling me to eat
...will I cling to this fast that will never change anything?(Mark 2:18-19)
 But I could eat the feast You've spread before me (Mark 14:22-24)
I could drink the new wine You are pouring
I could receive the new garment You are holding out to me (Gal. 3:27) (2 Cor. 5:17)
I could just walk away from my old fast
leave my strivings to make things right somehow
and receive all You are offering me.

I will learn to fast in a new way. (Mark 2:20)
But not today.  
Today I receive
the garment
the bread
the wine

The garment covers me and allows me to attend the wedding feast (Matt. 22:11-12)
the new wine is poured into new wineskins and aging
for the wedding feast that's coming
when we will drink it in the Kingdom with You (Mark 14:25).

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