Friday, March 27, 2015

Who Am I, that I Should Be Sent?

Who am I, that I Should be Sent? - picture of road and birch trees.                    -1-
Who I am?
That I should be sent
What do I have?
to offer
to give


What could I possibly do?
that would matter 

I want to be enough
I know what I am not

and yet

I cannot look behind me
to see if You mean someone else

There is no one here but

You were sent, too.

The view 
has become so familiar
what was new 
is now so normal
I forget
it wasn't part of me.
These people
these experiences
this LIFE
was not intertwined with mine
it was possible
(or was it?)
to take a different road.

I could have missed it
and never known
the joy of these friendships
the sweetness of Your touch
in some of these hard places
the struggle, the letting go, 
the freedom in embracing
and even this
letting You bring me to a place of abundance
a place of normal.

This - my life
all because once, long ago
(or not so long ago?)
You said "go"
I stood, stunned...
then went.

Not easy to be sent
away from what you know
from all familiar
beloved faces and places and
to battle to communicate
to struggle 
to do what was once done without thought
to thirst
for a quiet place
or for what was

It's been so long I forget
until I remember - in fear - 
that You might send me again
now that I'm comfortable HERE.

I want to stay
in this place that's become my home.
With these faces that are my friends
is that why You send?
for me to make a home
a nest...
start feathering it? 

Who am I, that I should be sent?

"Come, follow me," You said.

I am just one who follows.

Linking up with Velvet Ashes at The Grove where the prompt this week is "sent".

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  1. Your picture reminds me of the small country lane behind my home in the US. My dog and I often take walks along the way there. I guess I should invite Jesus to speak to me along that way, too. I, too, am sent to various things and places. Thanks for the reminder to be open to new paths.

    1. Laurie, right now I am imagining a woman and her dog walking down the lane in this picture. It looks - soothing.

      Sometimes I like new paths - sometimes they're exciting. But, often I don't, particularly when they are sudden and/or when I have adjusted found my way with the "old" new path. I'd like to linger there awhile, but...

      we go where we are sent.

      I'm praying your new paths will be as full of beauty and peace as the picture I now have in my mind of you and your dog walking down this lane...

  2. I love how you connected the sending to the following in your post. What an adventure we live when we say, "Here I am. Send me" and then follow Him wherever He has chosen for us. Thanks, Michele!

    1. Thank you, Patty - I made that connection because I'd been reading Mark 2:13-17 where Jesus calls Levi and thinking about it for weeks now, so I couldn't help thinking that being "sent" somewhere or to something is all part of being called to follow. If we are following, then that means that He is there going before us - and I find comfort in knowing that.