Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Calling of a Priest - Song/Video

I wrote the song "The Calling of a Priest" in response to Mark 2:13-14. (Watch the song/video below). I don't know to what extent Matthew (Levi) had been following all that was going on.  I don't know how often he was actually there to hear You teach, or whether he had seen You heal with his own eyes.  But he must have heard about it.  And now here You are: Jesus, the teacher, the healer, the forgiver - standing in front of him: Levi, the tax collector, the taker, the user - saying "Follow." (Mark 2:13-14). 

I can only imagine what he was thinking.  But I CAN imagine.  I can imagine what I would have been thinking.

Here You are standing before him...You - the one person that, when You stand before me, I really should be thinking about what I can get from You.

The pictures in the video are scenes from around Novosibirsk in the fall.
For lyrics go to The Calling of a Priest on
The Calling of a Priest is available on iTunes and Amazon and cdbaby.

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  1. Michele, this is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it. The pictures are so much fun to see. I think that's the most pictures of Novosobirsk I've seen, especially without snow! I love you. Aunt Gloria

    1. Thank you Aunt Gloria, I'm glad you enjoyed it! This area can be really beautiful. I'll have to share more. Our other seasons are short compared to winter, so that's why most pictures have snow in them. :-)

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