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Going Home - Mark 2:1-12 Post 10

Chalkboard: Mark 2:1-12 Post 10
You came home.  You said, "Your sins are forgiven," and set the paralyzed man free.  You said, "Get up."  You said, "Go home"(Mark 2:1-12).  
The Lord of all must be obeyed and will be obeyed by all creation - including all the cells and neurons in the paralyzed man's body.  Nerves restored to their proper function, both receiving and
transmitting messages.  A damaged spinal cord healed.  The ability of the muscles to actually carry out the messages they received - restored.  

It's time to get up, and go.

...and I have gotten up.  I'm rolling up my mat - this symbol of my paralysis, of my helplessness.  The way is opened to me, not just to move, but to move toward home.  And I AM - I am headed home...

...but where is it?  Where exactly am I going?

Do I even have a home anymore to go to?

There was a place, a place made for us, for me.  A place where everything, including all of me, worked the way it was meant to.   A place where we walked with You (Gen. 2:8-25).

It is lost to me. (Gen. 3:23).

For ages I have not been able to "go home" - because I am paralyzed by my sin and rebellion, because I cannot move from where I am.  Because I have been cut off from my "home" - from You - by my own sin.

But You have come home to us, to this Your world that we subjected to our rebellion against You.  You have come here and made Your home among us, come to forgive us, to heal us, to set us free from the sin that has paralyzed us.  You have come to me, so that I could get up, paralyzed no longer, no more obstacle between You and me.

"Go home," You said.  

And I would.  But I know I can't go back there.  I don't know how.  Even if I did know how, cherubim and a flaming sword bar the way (Gen. 3:24).  And you can never really go back, anyway, when everything has changed so profoundly.  It wouldn't be the same.  I wouldn't be the same. 

But the most important thing there, in that place, what I needed most, was You.  And I CAN move forward toward You.

Where am I going?
I am going home to You.

I'm moving toward home, toward You, learning what it means to be at home with You and let You be at home with me.

In a way I am home with You already. In the crowds, and when the crowds disperse.  In lonely places, solitary places, in the desert, or even at the renewal of all things, wherever I may be, I can be at home because You make Your home with me (John 14:23) and I am hidden in you (Col. 3:3-4).  

One day I will be with You completely.  One day all will be restored.  One day, You will take me to the place You are preparing for me, a place where You are...(John 14:2-3).

You say that I DO know the way (John 14:4).  Because...

You are the way (John 14:6).  

You are my home, and You are my way home.

You came home to me, so that I could go home to You (Mark 2:1,11).

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