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I Wonder: Do I Love Like This? - Mark 2:1-12 Post 7

Chalkboard: Mark 2:1-12 Post 7
They intrigue me. (Mark 2:5) 
 I wonder who they were, whose idea it was, how many of them were there, what they were thinking and feeling, how far they had come - but mostly I wonder if I love like they did.

I wonder who they were.  Friends, cousins, brothers, sons, a father, father-in-law, brother-in-laws, son-in-laws, grandsons, nephews,
neighbors, servants?  

I wonder if it was his idea they were putting into action or if the idea originated with one of them.

I wonder how many of them there were?  Four of them carried him, so there were at least five.  Six including the paralyzed man himself.  There could have been a whole clan of them. 

I wonder what they were thinking and feeling as they approached the crowd. Were they excited?  Nervous or apprehensive?  Grim and determined?  Filled with hope?  Desperation?  I imagine a whole variety of emotions surged through the group, through each person in the group.  

Maybe there was one who was ambivalent about whether it would really help or not.  But there had to have been some who were determined to bring the paralyzed man before You, or they wouldn't have made it to the roof.

Some must have been filled with hope that You could heal him.  They had heard things.  Probably they had heard about the healing of the leper, since he was busily spreading the word.  Surely they had at least heard about the evening in Capernaum when the whole town had gathered at the door and You had healed many and driven out many demons. Maybe one of them had been there.

I wonder where they were from and how far they had come.  When the paralyzed man got up, took his mat, and headed for home, I don't really know where he was headed home to, or how long it would take him to get there.  

But I do know that in this situation one of them alone couldn't have done what they did.  

That's not to say that one couldn't have done SOMETHING - like Jairus (Mark 5:22-23) or the Greek woman born in Syria Phoenicia (Mark 7:25-26), or the centurion (Luke 7:1-10) - but one wouldn't have been enough to bring him to You.
Sometimes a man appeals to You for himself, but this man couldn't. Sometimes one man might appeal to You on behalf of another.  One of them could have come to You and asked You to come to HIM, or to heal him from afar.  

But these men carried him to You, determined to set him before You, and to do THAT they needed all of them.  I imagine them taking turns carrying him down the street or even across the country side.  Together, they made a way to bring him before You, because they believed You could do something for him.  They believed You were the answer.  They believed You could change his situation.  That You WOULD.  And they were willing to come together and act to do what they could to get him before You.

And I wonder...Do I love like this?  Do I have faith and hope like this, that compels me to overcome obstacles by myself or working together with others in order to bring someone before You - because I believe that You really CAN do something?  That You WILL do it?  Would I travel some distance, push through a crowd, work together with others, tear apart someone's roof (or tear through other barriers) in order to bring someone else to You?  Because I believe You can do something for them?  

They believed it was worth it.  That You would do something for him. 

And they were right.  You would do more for him than they even could have hoped for. 

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