Monday, September 8, 2014

If You Would - Mark 1:40-45 Post 5

Chalkboard: Mark 1:40-45 Post 5
The man with leprosy had faith in Your ability.  (Mark 1:40-45) What he questioned was not if You COULD, but if You WOULD.  

He could have been thinking of Your purposes and whether or not healing him would fulfill Your plans - God's plans - and be for God's glory.  Sometimes You don't do what I want because You have a
greater purpose...

...but I doubt that's what he was thinking about.  

I think he had a different question.

Am I worthy enough? 
Would God bother with one like me?
Why would God even bother with me?

I have no trouble believing that You can do anything.  I know You can.  I have seen You do many things.

But sometimes I struggle with believing You will do these things for ME.

At times it's just a temper tantrum: I want my own way and I don't want to submit to Yours.

But sometimes there's a deeper question, a fear that maybe I am not worth the trouble, that I am not

Significant enough
Good enough
Worthy enough
Important enough
Loved enough

Even though I know - I already know what this man with leprosy didn't know yet.
He has an excuse for doubting Your willingness, for doubting if You WOULD do what You CAN do.  

I have none. 

I turn pages and see over and over again the lengths You were willing to go to.  I look at my life and I see You reaching out to touch me in spite of what touching me will cost You. 

You don't always do what I want.  But it will never be because of a lack of love for me or an unwillingness on Your part to exert Yourself.  

You've already answered that question for me.

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