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When I Find You - Mark 1:35-39 Post 4

Chalkboard: Mark 1:35-39 Post 4
After they figure out where to look for You, after they find You, after they say, "Everyone is looking for You" -  You say, "Let's go somewhere else," (Mark 1:35-39).

At first it sounds like You're saying, "Let's get out of here!"

If I'd spent the previous evening with a crowd, then
gotten up the next morning and tried to find a quiet place where I could be alone, work through what I was feeling, pray for the people I'd been with the night before,... and someone found me and said, "Everyone is looking for You,"...well, I might have said or at least THOUGHT, "Let's get out of here."

I'm an introvert.  While I love people, I do need my down time.

But..while it might sound like ME, it doesn't sound like You.  

And You go on to mention going to other villages (which wouldn't be down time), and end with, "That's why I've come."

Although I couldn't blame You if You did want to run away from me, I'm glad that's not what You mean.  I'd feel bad if I was looking for You and Your response was, "Let's get out of here."  

I still feel sorry for the people of the village looking for You, when You were planning to move on and go somewhere else, even if You aren't running away.

Which You aren't.  You don't want to run away from us.  You want to BE with us.  It's why You came.

When they found You, You'd been praying.  Maybe pouring out Your emotions about the night before, praying for the people You had touched and healed and set free, remembering why You had come in the first place and where that would lead You, remembering...thinking of...others who had yet to see You and meet You - others You had come for, others You would die for.  Maybe You'd been praying about what You were to do next - about where to go next on this long, painful path.  

While You're praying, they find You.  Simon says, "Everyone is looking for You"...

and You alone know just how true his words are.  

Your response is not to run away, but to move toward.  You move toward more.  You widen the circle.  

let us go - somewhere (else)
So I can preach there also - 

"Everyone is looking for me?
Then let's everyone.

When I find You, when I tell You that everyone is looking for You, You say, "Let's go."

Let's go...

...take a walk with my son or daughter.
...visit the neighbor. the next town. another state. a different country.

I don't know what Simon Peter thought, what the others thought, but they went with You.  Simon, Andrew, James, John, and others.  Eventually lots of others.

Proclaiming truth...freeing from darkness.  Healing wounds, hurts, and illnesses.  

Helping them find You.

Sometimes it's easy, sometimes not.  But I get to be part of it, if I'll go with You.

I'll miss it if I don't.

Everyone is looking for You.
Let's go....

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