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What Must I Leave to Follow? - Mark 1:16-20 Post 2

Chalkboard: Mark 1:16-20 Post 2
What do I have to "leave" today to follow You?

My ideas about how things should be. 

Peter and Andrew, James and John walked away from boats and nets to follow You (Mark 1:16-20).

If they stayed, they knew they could provide for their family members.  They knew what to expect
from their work, they knew they were doing something worthwhile.  

But You called.  Whether they loved their work or not, they still left.  If they battled fears of what would happen to parents, siblings, wives, children - they left anyway.

And they left "at once."  It seems they could have wrapped things up for the day first.  But they immediately left what they were doing - kind of like leaving the dishes half washed, or the laundry still wet and soapy, or a house half built, or a child half taught.  To follow You when You called, they left their other work undone, and walked away.

You do that sometimes, call us right from the middle of a good thing and sometimes it seems the new thing You called us to isn't as good as what we were in the middle of.  And sometimes I wonder what will happen to that first thing, that other good thing that I was doing and I...

I hesitate to leave it. 

Do I leave my "nets" and my "boats" to follow You?  Can I leave the good I know, if following You demands it?  Do I trust You with what I am leaving?

In the end, I'll have no choice.  One Day You will call, and I'll follow You on that last journey, and whatever I'm in the middle of will be left undone.  If I can trust You for THAT Day, trust You to care for those I love and to finish whatever work You call me out of - IF it does need finishing - can I trust You in the same way for TODAY?

I don't know what happened to Peter and Andrew's boat and nets.  But when James and John left, Zebedee and the hired men remained in the boat where I assume they kept on mending nets and fishing.  Two followed You away from the work but others continued it.  

I'm sure it didn't fit Zebedee and James and John's original picture of how things should be.  But what a loss it would have been if they had clung to that picture, instead of letting it go.  

I don't know what will happen to whatever You call me from.  Maybe I'll return later, maybe someone else will finish it, or maybe it just won't get done.  

But to follow You today, I have to leave my idea of how things should be.  

 My idea of "how things should be" doesn't even come close to the reality of "how things should be."  If things were how they should have been, we wouldn't be in this mess.  So... I leave my nets.  I leave my nets to follow the only One who truly knows how it should have been, the only One who knows how to make it right again, the only One who is able to do it.

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