Monday, May 26, 2014

Face to Face With Your Authority - Mark 1:21-28 Post 1

Chalkboard: Mark 1:21-28 Post 1
I leave nets and boats - my plans - to follow You (Mark 1:16-20), and almost immediately find myself face to face with this evidence of Your authority....(Mark 1:21-28).  

It was visible, tangible.  The people in the synagogue saw it and felt it (Mark 1:22).  They heard it - in Your voice, maybe?  In the words You said?  Maybe they just saw it in You. They saw that
You not only knew what You were talking about but that "right" stood behind You.  

And then You backed it up by commanding an evil spirit - who HAD to obey You...but even before that they already knew.  

The hero comes to town and starts cleaning it up and throwing the "bad guys" out.  But you wonder who he really is and if he's really good until you see and hear Him yourself and you know He is good and He has not only the power to do it, but the right to do it, the authority to do it, they HAVE to listen to Him - and we are all saved 

It sounds...awesome.  

What would that look like - FEEL like - to hear someone teaching, and...know?  I long to see real, true authority that is FOR us the way I long to see a real, true, good king.  

Or do I?  

You have authority.  That means You know what You are talking about when You teach. It means evil spirits must obey You.  Sounds awesome to me.

But it also means that You have authority over me.  

Authority isn't just about Your relationship to the "bad guys" - but it's also about our relationship - Yours and mine.  

It means You have the authority and the right to call me to follow You  - no matter what I must leave - no matter where it might take me - no matter what hardships might follow.

You have the right and power to tell me what to do, to tell me how it is and how it's going to be, how it should be, I should be.  

And it starts getting a little scary.  

I'm not used to the idea of a king.

And I...

I want Your rule, Your authority, I do, 

but I don't fully understand it, and...

I'm a little afraid of it.  

Afraid of You.  

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