Monday, May 26, 2014

Face to Face With Your Authority - Mark 1:21-28 Post 1

Chalkboard: Mark 1:21-28 Post 1
I leave nets and boats - my plans - to follow You (Mark 1:16-20), and almost immediately find myself face to face with this evidence of Your authority....(Mark 1:21-28).  

It was visible, tangible.  The people in the synagogue saw it and felt it (Mark 1:22).  They heard it - in Your voice, maybe?  In the words You said?  Maybe they just saw it in You. They saw that

Monday, May 19, 2014

What Will It Mean to Follow? - Mark 1:16-20 Post 3

Chalkboard: Mark 1:16-20 Post 3
You said, "Come, follow me."

I want to know what You are calling me to.  Where will I go?  What is my "calling"?  What will I do?  

What did Peter, Andrew, James and John know when You called? (Mark 1:16-20) They understood they were to be Your disciples, Your students.  But beyond that?

Monday, May 12, 2014

What Must I Leave to Follow? - Mark 1:16-20 Post 2

Chalkboard: Mark 1:16-20 Post 2
What do I have to "leave" today to follow You?

My ideas about how things should be. 

Peter and Andrew, James and John walked away from boats and nets to follow You (Mark 1:16-20).

If they stayed, they knew they could provide for their family members.  They knew what to expect

Monday, May 5, 2014

Come - Mark 1:16-20 Post 1

Chalkboard: Mark 1:16-20 Post 1
Sometimes the ordinary seems so...unspiritual.  I feel if I hope to see You I should spend hours in prayer, make some grand gesture of self-sacrifice, or somehow do or be something...else.  I must prepare myself in some way before coming to the mountain (Exodus 19:10-15).  

But...Simon (Peter) and Andrew, James and John - they were fishing (Mark 1:16-20).