Monday, April 21, 2014

After John...Jesus - Mark 1:14-15 Post 1

Chalkboard: Mark 1;14-15 Post 1
John - who stood on the banks of the Jordan proclaiming the impending arrival of THE ONE, who introduced Jesus when He came - who baptized Him...

is now in prison, in a desert of his own (Mark 1:14).

While Jesus goes on to Galilee, where He begins to proclaim the good news of God

"The time has come..." Jesus says.

The time has come, but at this time John sits locked away while the world becomes acquainted with the One he proclaimed, with the One he made a way for.

I've wondered why.  Why do circumstances sometimes make me unable to be involved, often just as what I have worked for finally starts to bear fruit? Removed from the game just as the game gets interesting?  Not able to see what You're doing when You move AT LAST...

It seems ironic to be kept away, while You walk where I walked and proclaim the good news of God there where I am not any longer.  

"The time has come," - but not for me, it seems.

But...John was never what the people needed.  His freedom and later imprisonment is an illusion.  John was always in a prison.  He always was in a "desert of his own." Just as I am - as we all have been ever since that fatal moment ages ago.

These circumstances around me that look so bad are nothing compared to my true situation.  Stuck at home or in a hospital bed or in prison?  It's nothing, NOTHING when I think of being stuck in my sin.

Did I think I was "free"?  I never have been.

The time HAS come for me, just like it came for John, too, and for everyone else.  Because the good news is the good news, not "no matter what my circumstances," but BECAUSE OF my circumstances.  

The prison is the reason I need the good news.  

The desert is the reason I need the good news

After John was put in prison... 


After Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit...


After the whole world fell...


After paradise was lost...


Because of my desert
because of my prison, 
because of my spoiled heart - 


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  1. Michele, such a beautiful post. What comfort are these words in these days of desert for your part of the world. But it is not only your and Joey's world but ours too.

    In the last few days the Holy Spirit has whispered your names to me while driving to work, while waiting on a sheet of paper to be spit out of the printer, while waiting for the tea to boil and or peeling potatoes. Many times a day as of lately. Not knowing exactly what to pray for but praying for God's perfect will to be done, for you all the be safe, that souls will continue to be saved and the people of God will grow spiritually and your children's hearts (and those of the children in the church) to be comforted and feel safe in Jesus. I do not know how the events are affecting all of you but I know that God will not take any of you where He is not already there. Much Love and prayers! Jan

    1. Thank you, Jan! Your words here are so beautiful! I appreciate your prayers for all of us, it is comforting to know that God has put us on people's hearts.

      We are not in any physical danger where we are, but of course the events are affecting everyone emotionally. Many of our friends here have friends and relatives there.

      Thank you for remembering us!