Monday, February 3, 2014

What I Must Understand About Jesus - Mark 1:1-8 Post 3

Chalkboard: Mark 1:1-8 Post 3
Did all these people going to John to be baptized realize their need for forgiveness?
Did they all realize that the system of keeping the law wasn't working for them?
Did they know that they were doomed if God didn't intervene?
Did they really understand what they were doing?
Could they understand, if Jesus had not yet come?

It seems to me that they didn't understand everything fully.  They did not understand what we understand today about Jesus' sacrifice and atonement for us, and it's possible that some of them weren't entirely comfortable with not understanding, just as some of the things we don't understand today may make us uncomfortable.  But they went anyway, hoping in what John was promising that this king would bring.  They didn't have to understand everything.

We like to feel like we understand.  It's not wrong to look for answers and explanations.  But sometimes my attempts at explanations make You look limited - or make me look like I've forgotten that You are God, and not an older and wiser me.  You are not like me, although sometimes, I hope, I am a little like You.  

You are God.  I am one of the race of men. 

It makes sense that I can't always explain You.  It would be weird if I could.  It's ok to not be able to explain God.  It's ok to not understand completely about God or His ways and what He is doing.  It's ok  And live by faith.

I am responsible for what You have revealed to me.  More than that is a mystery.  The secret things remain a mystery, and perhaps some of them always will.  But mystery in life is not a bad thing.  It's part of what makes life enchanting.  

I can't explain the light in a child's eyes, but I know it's there and what it means.  I can't explain You and Your ways, either, but I know You're there.  I know what You are offering.  

The people went out to John.  They did know something.  They knew they needed forgiveness and they went out to him and confessed their sins, repenting, and were baptized.  Even though they did not know what events were being set in motion, and what must happen to buy forgiveness for them.  They did not know how it could be so, but they knew they needed it.  And they went to him in faith.  

Even though I understand more than they did, there is still so much that I don't understand.  But I understand that I need You and what You are offering me.

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