Monday, February 17, 2014

I Am Just the Messenger - Mark 1:1-8 Post 5

Chalkboard: Mark 1:1-8 Post 5
As far as getting involved and introducing people to Jesus, there are 2 extremes I can go to. 

I don't care enough to get involved or

I want to be too involved.

John was pointing people to Jesus, not to himself.  He was willing for one more powerful than himself to come.  He was willing for Jesus to come after him - willing to be "replaced" by one greater. 

It could be that he struggled with it.  I don't know.  But He was ready to be the messenger - after whom comes the Lord.  He was ready to introduce them to Jesus.  He knew that he himself could not save the people.  

Sometimes I forget I can't save people.  I forget that their lives and happiness don't depend on me.  Sometimes I think it's all up to me to make others happy.  It ends in despair - because in reality I know I can't.  I know it's impossible.

I like being important, in someone's life, being necessary and needed.  I like helping someone and the feeling that I am the one who helped.  

But ultimately I can't really help anyone.  The best I can do is help prepare a way for the One who can.  

"It's Jesus," John was saying.  "I am not worthy to even mess with His shoes." - Not worthy to be His servant, he might have been saying.  

Jesus is the One who saves.  Not me.  Jesus is the One they need.

We do need each other.  But compared to how we need You, our need for each other is nothing.

Jesus is what we need.  And "He is coming" says John the Baptist.  

John was there.  He did not ignore the people; he did not refuse to help them, saying, "yeah, I'm not what they need, anyway."  But he helped them by telling them what - who - they did need.  "It's Jesus," he kept saying.

If I want to promote the happiness and well-being of those I love - how do I do it?  

Not by trying to be what they need, which is impossible anyway.  But by praying for more of You in their lives.  By saying, "It's Jesus."

I am just a messenger.  And I'm not the only messenger.  

Forgive me, when I want the place that can only be Yours.

Forgive me, for trying sometimes to be more than the messenger.  For wanting to be more. I will never be enough for anyone.

You are what they need, just as You are what I need.

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