Monday, January 13, 2014

Sitting Down to the Feast of God's Word

Chalkboard: The Gospel of Mark: A FeastReading.  Thinking.  Pondering.  Meditating.  Letting it work its way down into the depths of my heart and my being...I love spending time reading and thinking about the Word of God.  Staying with it until He speaks to me through it.  

It can be a challenge, though.  So many things clamor for my attention.  If I'm not careful, they crowd out the time I've set aside for the word.  Until I find that I am giving it the crumbs of my life, the leftovers.

When I give it crumbs, it gives me crumbs.

A crumb of the Word of God is a precious thing.  I'm grateful for it.

But that's not enough for me.

I want a feast.

And I can have a feast; it's already spread out on the table, there for the taking.  I just have to take the time.  

Resist the things that are fighting for my attention.  Sit down at the table where the feast is spread.  Look it over.  Reach out my hand.  Sink my teeth in.

It's easy.  The hard part is shaking off everything else and sitting down.

And continuing to shake off the things that threaten to call me from the table.


I will shake them off.  The feast spread before me is Mark.  The gospel of Mark.

I sit down to it.

Come.  Sit down at the table with me.  Join me.  No one can eat all of it alone.  There is something here for everyone.

There is something here for you.

If I know the chef, at least one of the platters on this table was prepared just for you.  He knows what you like.  He knows what your soul is craving.

Look over the table.  Taste the various dishes he has offered.  Find that which fills your heart and mind, which satisfies your stomach.  Chew on it. Digest it.  Let it become part of you.  Let it give you strength for today.

We will sit here, you and I, and eat our fill.  And realize that He knew just what we needed today.

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  1. But. I will shake them off. HOW?

    1. Thank you for responding, Alyona! (Allie) :-)

      Shaking off distractions is often easier to say than do. I sat down to spend time with God 2 days ago and instead spent an hour rambling in my mind through various things. I was distracted. How do I shake off distractions? It depends on the nature of the distractions. Sometimes distraction may be a matter of self-discipline, but often discipline isn't the real issue. So I deal with different kinds of distractions in different ways.

      Some questions to ask yourself to understand the reason for being distracted (and so begin to know what to do about it):

      Are you always distracted when you sit down to do something/anything?
      Are you distracted only when you sit down to spend time with God in prayer and the word?
      Are you healthy? (are you sick?)
      Are you worried about something?
      Are you afraid of something?
      Are you avoiding something?
      Are you approaching your time with God as something to be "accomplished" rather than enjoying time with Him?

      How you deal with being distracted depends on why you're distracted in the first place. And it's important to note that not all distractions should be "shaken off". Sometimes they are telling us something. Sometimes they need to be explored. They should always be explored with God. And if you are exploring them with Him - then you ARE spending time with Him, after all.

    2. Thank you very much, Michele, for your full respond! I think it's useful. May God bless us to enjoy our time with Him!